How to DJ a Silent Disco

How to DJ a Silent Disco

There are no speakers to match your headphones to at a silent disco.

Your headphones are your only monitors when you’re djing a silent disco. So what do you do? You have to “mix into your headphones.”

Set your mixer up right.

Set your mixer so that you can hear what you’re cueing in one side of your headphones and the master in the other side of your headphones. Do to this:

1. Make sure your master cue is switched on.

Master Cue for mixing a Silent Disco

2. Set your headphones to “MONO SPLIT”.

Mono split setting for mixing a silent disco

3. Set your headphone mixing nob all the way down to “CUE”.

Headphone mixing nob setting for a silent disco

4. Put your headphones over both ears and play a track on one channel. Make sure you can hear it play out of the ear you’d normally listen to your monitors with. (If not, switch your headphones around to the opposite ear).

Next, hit “CUE” on the channel of your track that you want to bring in next. You should be able to hear it in the ear you normally listen to your headphones in.

Cue track for silent disco

5. You’re all set! Keep on mixing… maybe do a little dance.

Tips and Tricks

  • Practice mixing into your headphones at home in the lead up to your set so that you get use to the experience.
  • If you’ve got the time, head down to the silent disco a little early and chuck on a pair of audience headphones. This allows you to experience what your audience will experience ahead of your set.
  • Most audience headphones light up to be a different colour depending on the channel they’re listening to. Make sure you know what colour your channel is and pay attention to those people in the crowd. They’ve chosen you over the other DJs so be grateful and show them some love.
  • Want to get more people in the audience switching to your channel? Show them that your set is the most exciting by using your body language to win them over. Smile, jump up and down a little, do a little dance. Be animated and get people excited to hear what you’re playing.

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