How to Save & Access Cue Points in Rekordbox

How to Save & Access Cue Points in Rekordbox

A cue point is a marker on a track that when accessed will take you to that particular position in the music. Saving cue points to your memory in Rekordbox allows you to quickly jump to specific sections of a track on the fly when in the mix. You can use the cue points to mark the start of each phrase, or specific drops or breakdowns. Say if the next track you want to drop has a really long intro but you don’t have much time left in your previous one, by saving cue points to your memory before hand, you can quickly and easily skip part of the long intro and hit play from a phrase or two in and successfully bring in the tune before your last one fades out.

How to Save a Cue Point to Memory in Rekordbox

1. Open Rekordbox and select a track by double clicking on it

Select the track in Rekordbox

2. Press play or drag the wave form to find the part of the track you would like to add a cue point.

Finding the Quantize button

When the QUANTIZE button is switched on (towards the top left corner of the wave form), the cue will automatically snap to the closest detected beat. When switched off, the cue will stay where you’ve placed it.

3. Press the CUE button.

Press the Cue button

4. Press the MEMORY button

Press the Memory button

5. The time place for that cue point will now display in the top right hand corner.

The cue point is displayed in memory

6. If you would like to change the colour of the cue point marker, right click on the box with the time displayed for that cue point marker and select the colour of your choice.

Change the colour of a cue point

How to Access your Cue Point from Memory when Mixing

1. On your CDJ, select the track you recently saved one or several cue points on.

Load the track with cue points on your CDJ

2. Use the CUE/LOOP arrow buttons to jump to each of the cue points on your track.

Once the cue point is selected press play

3. Once the desired cue point is selected, press the PLAY button to play from that point.

2 thoughts on “How to Save & Access Cue Points in Rekordbox”

  • Hi there!

    I’m currently setting up memory cues on all of the songs on my USB device, when I put this into a CDJ and load up a track, do I have to press the ‘call’ button underneath the hot cue buttons to load up the memory cue point? Or will the memory cue point on the song just load up automatically?

    Thanks for you help!

    • Hi Joe, it could depend on which CDJ model you have but generally you need to press the “Call” button to load up a Hot Cue (the ones labelled A, B, or C) but the memory cues as described in this blog post should load automatically.

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