The Artist Press Pack Guide That Will Boost Your DJ Career

The Artist Press Pack Guide That Will Boost Your DJ Career

A good artist press pack has three essential ingredients: press shot(s), a biography and links to your recent releases or a recent mix to download or stream. Your press pack should provide the promoter with assets that will allow them to promote your set at their gig appropriately. It should also provide the media with enough detail to promote your music should you get interviews, radio plays etc.

Press Shot(s)

At least one, but preferably a couple more. Including more than one will give the promoter some options. This way they can pick the one that works best with their artwork. I highly recommend asking a friend with photo skills and a DSLR camera, or even hiring a professional photographer, to be involved in the shooting process. Jpg or Png file images are ideal because they’re easily accessible across differing programs and operating systems. Make sure they’re high-quality image files (at least a few megabytes in size).


Your biography should include information about your musical achievements, inspirations and a brief story of how you got to where you are now. Remember to review and update your biography at least on a yearly basis. As your DJ career progresses so should your bio! Save your bio as a PDF.

Recent Releases or Mixes

Include these at the bottom of your biography in the same PDF document. If you have a release to share then include the track name, label, release date, album artwork and the URLs to both buy and stream the track. If you’re sharing a mix, having artwork for the mix in a similar style to album artwork can help it to look more professional. Include the mix name and release date and the URL to stream/download the audio.

Distribution of your Artist Press Pack

Your press shot image files and PDF file with your biography and recent releases or mixes should all be contained in a folder labelled “[Your DJ Name] Artist Press Pack”. You can then email touring agents and promoters a compressed zip of this folder, or upload it to Dropbox and email them the link to access it from there.

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