7 Non-Technical DJ Tips To Make You A Better Performer

7 Non-Technical DJ Tips To Make You A Better Performer

To be a great DJ you have to mix great. That’s a given. Well, what are some other things you can do that help you as a performer to stand out from the rest?

1. Smile

Don’t forget to flash a few smiles out into the crowd – if you look like you’re having fun you’ll seriously lift the vibes of that room and your crowd will have more fun too.

2. Dance a little

If you expect everyone in the crowd to get into your music you better be prepared to as well. A little boogie won’t do you any harm, even if it’s just the odd bop up and down.

3. Be early

Make sure you get to the club at least 15 mins before your set, but ideally at least 30 minutes. This gives you ample opportunity to sort out what you need before you get on, feel the vibe of the previous DJ’s set, say hey to the promoter and any of your mates. Arriving early will help you to relax. It will also help the promoter to relax. The promoter is not going to be too keen on booking you again if you keep stressing them out and running late will stress them out.

4. Don’t drink too much before you play

It’s a party, so you’re probably going to be surrounded by booze, and if you’re DJing at the club it’s probably free. Not going overboard will not only make you a better performer overall but will make sure your set’s not technically sloppy and will help to ensure you keep the club’s expensive DJ equipment intact. Show some respect to the venue and the promoter and keep it under control at least until you get off the decks.

5. Show off a little personality

Music makes us feel things. Collectively. In a club. Surrounded by friends. It’s freaking awesome. People want to see expressions. Show them.

6. Acknowledge the familiar faces on the dancefloor

Whether they’re your good friend or just a regular to your music scene, this person got off their butt to get to the club in time to see your set. If you’re only just starting to play out in clubs they probably had to get there kinda early. They’ll probably spend quite a bit of cash at the bar while they watch you play. They’ll also put in a whole lot of effort to move around to your music. Be grateful. Be humble. Make eye contact. Give them a smile or a maybe a wave to say thanks. Make the time to say hey after your set. It’ll help to keep all these people coming back. Keep the people coming back and you’ll keep the promoters booking you.

7. Be prepared

Make sure you double check all your tracks have loaded correctly on your USB or that your CD has burnt properly before you leave your house. Bring a backup USB. Check that your headphones work properly. Bring your headphones to the club (I know this sounds obvious but you’d be surprised…). There’s nothing worse than getting up in front of the crowd only to discover your music collection won’t load or there’s no one else around to lend you a spare pair of cans. Be both a reliable and organised performer and you’ll be better respected for it.

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