The Ultimate Guide to ID3 Tags

The Ultimate Guide to ID3 Tags

ID3 Tags are important. ID3 tags contain the data such as artist name, track name, album artwork, genre, BPM, record label and more on each of your MP3 files.

Keeping your ID3 tags detailed, neat and organised will serve you for two necessary purposes:

1. For Ease of Putting Together a Track List

Want to find all your music of a certain genre? Looking for a track by a certain artist? Or released in a certain year? You’ll only be able to do so easily and quickly if your ID3 tags are in order. When you’re mixing on the fly and under pressure to quickly find that next perfect track to blend smoothly into the last, you’ll thank yourself for having a well-organised collection of MP3s.

2. It Looks Professional

Have you produced a track or recorded a mix and uploaded to Soundcloud for friends, promoters and record labels to download? Want to make the best impression, get more bookings, get signed? Make sure all your ID3 tags are in order before you upload your file. Wouldn’t hurt to even leave your contact details in the comments tag so that if a potentially influential person listens to your music, they know how to get in touch and offer you that dream opportunity.

How to Edit ID3 Tags

Many media player programs will have a functionality that allows you to edit your ID3 tag data. If not, there’s a range of free editor applications that you can download from the internet. The process is very similar whichever program you use. Here’s iTunes as an example…

Using iTunes:

1. Either right-click or Control-click anywhere in the row for the MP3 that you’d like to edit:

Using iTunes to Edit ID3 Tags

2. Select “Get Info”. Use the text boxes to enter all missing information, or tidy up existing information. Once you’re done, select “OK”. Easy.

Using iTunes to Edit ID3 Tags

Organising and labelling your music like this can be a relaxing task (well I think so anyway). I find there’s something quite satisfying about ensuring I have as much detail possible listed in every track in my playlist, that all the capitalisation is in the right place, and that the labelling is consistent.

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