How To Promote Your Music Without Being Spammy

How To Promote Your Music Without Being Spammy

So you’ve just made a banging new mix or tune, you’re super proud of it and you’re ready to share it with the world. Here’s how to get a good response without coming across as a giant spammy spammer.

Posting your new mix to social media is a great way to get your music out there, but it can be done well, or it can be just straight out irritating if you do it wrong. You don’t want to be that irritating person. No one wants to listen to an irritating person’s music. If you spam people to that point, they will actively avoid listening to your music.

The Dos…

1. DO post it to Facebook – it’s the social media channel that the majority of us use – and use most often. You can easily embed content from external sites, such as Soundcloud, to share your music or upload a video file directly to it.

2. DO post it to your personal timeline, as well as your Artist page (if you have one). Your post to your personal timeline will generate so much more organic reach than your post to your Artist page (you can thank Facebook for that functionality).

3. DO make sure you set the privacy of your post to public. This way if someone listens and decides it’s share-worthy, it’s not restricted to be seen by only your friends. The rest of the world can listen too.

4. DO maybe tag a very small group of people if you feel you must, and if so: DO write a personal message explaining why you tagged them – is this right up their personal taste in music (if you think this is true I hope you know their taste in music intimately and show as much interest in their taste in music as you want them to show in yours)? Did this person coach you in writing this tune or putting together this mix? Did the person you tagged send you a tune that they produced and that you then featured in your mix?

5. DO share nothing but absolute quality. If it’s really good, people will re-share and recommend your music, and it will travel like FIRE.

The Don’ts…

1. DON’T tag every single person that you know in your post. Everyone that you tagged is going to feel obliged to like your post, sure, but they’re not necessarily going to listen to your music. Then, every single person that you tagged is going to receive a little notification, EVERY single time one of those other people feels obligated to give your post a like. The likes aren’t genuine, and while you may think all those likes and all those people constantly being reminded of your music is a good thing, all these people are going to associate your posts with a big fat feeling of annoyance. And they’re not necessarily going to listen to it.

2. DON’T tag every single person you know in the comments. It’s not as annoying as #3… but it’s still going to leave a big annoying spammy taste in people’s mouths.

3. DON’T send a group message linking everyone to your mix. Group messages drive people crazy with constant notifications and usually end up with two random people having their own private conversation with everyone else having to deal with it… and the topic’s now gone straight off your mix and onto something completely different anyway.

4. DON’T post it repeatedly day after day after day. People want fresh content!


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